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Why S4S for SAP Staffing?

We focus on Spain and Europe for our resource acquisition with partners that help us provide high quality, skilled resources at affordable rates. This model differentiates S4S from other resource providers because the manageable time zone differential is easier for offshore communication and offers a closer culture/language fit for US companies. Our resources can work US hours or split shifts on Central European time depending on the role and need. This blend helps our resources with life balance, resulting in longevity with client engagements.

What makes us different?

Culture and Language

European culture and language align well with our clients and provide workplace diversity. We work with our team members to understand the client's organization and culture in an effort to ensure optimum alignment.

Time Zone

Time zones for Europe and Spain provide more overlap with US work schedules, enabling both your teams and our resources to work during reasonable times of the day.


As an efficient and agile company, we are able to provide affordable rates for our clients.

Quality SAP Resources

We focus on senior level resources who work efficiently and offer valuable insight into your unique business. Our extensive network provides a strong depth of resources.

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