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Helping you build the team that delivers

Looking for off-shore staffing services that are easier on your team’s schedule and compatible with your office culture? S4S offers the convenience you are looking for.

We meet you halfway when it comes to

Time Zone

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European time zones are easier to work with.

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Culture and Language

Find the best culture and language alignment possible.

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Rates that provide a strong ROI.

Who We Are

We enable our clients to operate their SAP and IT environments in the era of expanded remote resources. 

Experienced Resources

Our extensive network of highly talented and experienced resources are ready to work "from any place in the world" and deliver "to any place in the world."

SAP Expertise

We are an experienced company in a climate of “no distance” and “interconnected talent.”  S4S focuses on SAP resources and is ready to help with your transition to S4/HANA. 

Reliable & Agile

Our SAP staffing services not only empower your organization to cultivate new opportunities, but we also deliver reliable and agile SAP expertise for your business that's right-on-target and cost-effective.

Experienced Leadership

We have decades of experience leading and delivering successful projects and managed services for dozens of clients with strong feedback and confidence.


CIO, Midwest Manufacturing Company

S4S provides the right fit we need to complement our internal SAP team.  S4S resources are a close extension of our team.

Let's work together

Every big idea starts with a small step forward.

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